Develop, run, and manage HTML5, hybrid, and native applications, using standards-based technologies and tools. Download the free evaluation of IBM Worklight, a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). You'll also find it includes mobile-optimized middleware, a variety of security mechanisms, and integrated management and analytics.
The developerWorks community: Build your technical skills and your professional network
The developerWorks community is a worldwide community of software developers and IT professionals of all stripes, from students to seasoned veterans More >
Developers, get IBM PureSystems in your hands - at no charge
Explore, innovate, deploy and build applications PureSystems through a quick and simple way to try patterns by developing or deploying your applications in the cloud. More >

Accelerate software and systems delivery across the application and product lifecycle
On June 4, 2012, IBM announced new integrations and collaborative capabilities that help clients optimize their software and systems delivery across the application and product lifecycle. The offering include distinct sets of capabilities -- for IT teams and product and systems service teams -- and Mike Perrow gives you the details. More >
Bring the third dimension to a two-dimensional HTML5 canvas
Parallax processing is an exciting way to animate graphic layers on the web using arrow keys or mouse movement. In this article, learn how to create a parallax environment using jQuery and HTML5. Follow along with an example that shows how to create and animate a graphic using layers. More >

Learning next-generation build tools for software management
If you are part of a software development team, you have probably had instances where your code ran well in isolation only to fail during integration testing. Discover two tools—CruiseControl and SCons—allowing continuous integration and builds respectively, thus making integration testing easier. More >
Agile development
Join the Agile Transformation community to learn from others who have transformed their organizations to agile software development methods. More >

Develop for mobile devices
Participate in a new developerWorks group to connect and collaborate with developers interested in topics related to Web 2.0 and mobile device user interface development. Explore both general trends and technology discussions, as well as specific discussions and other resources related to the WebSphere Application Server Web 2.0 and Mobile Feature Pack. More >
Techniques for rapid mobile solution development
Enterprise mobile users' data access and sharing needs aren't being met by conventional content-management systems and file systems. Fortunately, quick implementation of a multidevice content-access solution is well within reach — even for small in-house design and development teams — via an efficient development process that leverages reusable technologies. Find out how the IBM CIO Lab Mobile Innovation team rapidly piloted an internal solution that enhances users' productivity by giving them easy, flexible file sharing across all their approved platforms. More >

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